Okay so this is an URGENT message! Drop what you’re doing right now! I mean RIGHT. NOW. Are you at the grocery store? Drop that head of lettuce! Are you doing laundry? Drop those tighty-whities!  Are you juggling while riding a unicycle? Don’t drop that – because THAT is impressive.

Oh, you say you’re at work and can’t possible leave? Wrong!  Element 5 Casey to the rescue: a handy-dandy, very official note for your boss. I even included lines so you can personalize it and make it extra convincing. Just print it out, fill it in, wait until your boss goes to the restroom, throw it on her/his desk and run out of the office like a madman! **Please note: You will be unable to blame me in the event that you are, rightfully so, fired.
ANYWAY, why should you do all that? So you can go home and make THIS:
Yep, a quiche with a MEAT crust. I should warn that this is NOT Vegetarian-friendly meal. Sorry, my lovely plant lovers! I should also warn that portion control is important with this meal – but easily doable. Just slice yourself a reasonable amount and supplement your plate with some veggies to fill you up!

Unfortunately, I can’t take credit for this recipe. It is another genius concoction from my favorite Paleo Blog, PaleOMG.

Here’s my breakdown summary (because there should be a summary for EVERYTHING in life), complete with pictures of the dogs (are you sick of them, yet?) and Greg. If you’re not sick of him he’s available to rent for a few hours or several weeks. For free. (Just kidding, Greg. Kind of.)

By "arrange meat into crust in a pie-dish" I should probably say "force somebody else to arrange meat into crust in a pie-dish. It's not my fault - I just hate touching uncooked meat. Plus, Greg needs to earn his keep somehow.

This is where you add 2 cups of spinach but I forgot to document it. Mostly because I had a piranha trying to attack my spinach as I added it to the pan. 

Just a tip - throw in more than 2 cups of spinach if you like it! Two is plenty but I threw in 4 or 5 since spinach reduces quite a bit. When everything is cooked completely, remove from heat.

And that, my lovely fellow Challenge pals, is how to make a yummy, MEAT-tastic, Challenge-friendly meal. I hope you'll give it a try. My apologies if you're not  a huge meat fan - I will definitely write a post tomorrow about non-meat things so you don't miss out! 

Anyone else find some great recipes? I would LOVE to hear about it, try some, see some pictures, try some, get the recipe, or even try some.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

2/12/2013 07:17:42 am

Another great post, Casey - I love your dogs - er, piranhas! Seriously, they'll eat spinach? My dog draws the line at greens. :)

2/18/2013 12:28:52 am

Wow Casey, this meat quiche is definitely delicious and well worth it. Made mine with lean ground turkey breast as the "crust" and then tossed in gobs of different vegetables with the eggs and egg whites. Now I have meals for at least next two, maybe three days. YUM!

2/18/2013 12:30:37 am

Oh and give "piranha" my best.


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